Namibia Mineral Safari
We hope to resume facilitating mineral tours in the spring of 2016. Click here for a sample itinerary.


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Geodite, which led mineral collecting and buying trips to Africa for many years, has been passed on to Pat Tucci and Zelda Bailey, both geologists and long-time mineral collectors and dealers.

Geodite was founded by Doug Coulter, a lifetime collector of minerals and a mineral dealer since the early 1990's. Doug traveled frequently to Namibia and took many fellow dealers and mineral loving friends along to discover the treasure trove of minerals.

Both Pat and Zelda have traveled extensively in Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and of course, Namibia. Pat and Zelda's other company, GEOdyssey LLC, has been a regular at Denver area gem and mineral shows since 1997 (

Geodite will continue to facilitate mineral collecting and buying trips to Namibia for our gem and mineral loving friends and colleagues. Although the focus of the trip is minerals, Namibia offers spectacular scenery, wildlife, excellent food, and a glimpse of fascinating cultures-a trip that anyone will enjoy.

Please bear with us during this transition to the new Geodite. The earliest trips are likely to be offered in April or May 2016. Click here to send us email if you wish to be kept informed of upcoming trips.

Last update: 9/29/14