Namibia Mineral Safari
Scheduled for May 18 - June 1, 2014. More

Madagascar Mineral Safari
Scheduled for Nov. 7-20, 2013

African Minerals For Sale
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A partnership between Geodite Minerals and Exotic Stone..............

Colin Corser of Exotic Stone is a native Rhodesian (Zimbabwe) who speaks several local languages. Colin received an undergraduate degree in Geology and a Masters in Economics. After retiring from the British Geological Survey in England, he and his family returned to South Africa where he was employed by several governmental ministries in the region related to mining and economics. A long time mineral collector, Colin is also an avid horticulturist and expert on Southern Africa birds. He is the local expert on the tour for all the flora and fauna.

Doug Coulter of Geodite Minerals is also a lifetime collector of minerals and a dealer since the early 90's. Doug's degrees include a BS in geology and a Masters in Business. He currently runs a small management consulting business. An experienced traveler to Africa, Europe, and Central America, he has accompanied Colin on many mineral collecting trips thru Africa. Doug's hobbies include archaeology and paleontology.



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